Getting Started with Ansible Automation…


So, you’ve decided a little automation will make your life easier and your operations more efficient… Great!

Where to get started with Ansible… Here’s some helpful hints…

  1. Ansible Docs –
    The community around Ansible (core) is the largest in OpenSource tooling…and growing by the minute, hence, it’s also one of the best documented projects.
    Here you can find a wealth of knowledge: Quick-start guides, How-to’s, super detailed usage documentation with examples, etc.
  2. Free Ansible Training by Red Hat –
    Red Hat offers a two-hour free course, which is a great way to learn some basics…
  3. Join a Local MeetUp Group –
    MeetUps and User Groups are a great way to network and learn about tech. Depending on your location there could be many different tech groups that are free and open to the public!
  4. Community Online Resources – GitHub, Galaxy, etc.
    There are numerous community hosted sites around sharing Ansible playbooks, roles, and example projects – All publicly available.
  5. Books – (via Amazon) –
    There’s numerous detailed and helpful guides and reference books available. I have several of them. I’ve gotten to the point with my library where I prefer online versions but these are all available in print as well…

So, there you have it – a few ways of getting started in the journey Ansible automation….

Happy Hacking!

#Ansible #Automation #OpenSource

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